Lost Dunbar

Welcome to Lost Dunbar

Do you live in Dunbar? Have friends in Dunbar? Or have you been to Dunbar on Holiday?

If any of these statements are true then perhaps Lost Dunbar is the site for you.

What is Lost Dunbar?

Lost Dunbar is a website which has been created to allow people to relive their memories of Dunbar. There are a number of galleries which contain a collection of old photographs depicting the Dunbar of the past. Dunbar has a rich and vibrant history and hopefully this site will illustrate this fact.

Dunbar has played an important part in Scottish history for a number of centuries. Dunbar is a coastal town and so proves a strategical postion as a sea port to the Forth. This also means that Dunbar has had a thriving fishing community for a very long time. Also Dunbar is the first town across the border and so has encountered its fair share of incidents.

During the last few centuries the town has experiences a number of many transformations and so hopefully the Lost Dunbar website will highlight some of them. There may be many people who have no knowledge of the town they live in and so hopefully this site will provide some insight into the history of the town of Dunbar.